Rise and Shine

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July 1, 2010 by Danielle

Everyone has some sort of morning ritual.  For some it’s a brisk run, for others it’s a cup of coffee while perusing the paper.

For an internet crawler and fitness lover like me, I always visit two sites in particular to get my day started and help me hit the ground running.  Pun intended.

Tone It Up.com, a fitness website run by personal trainers Karena Dawn and Katrina Hodgson, has quickly become one of my favorite sites.  These two ladies offer up serious fitness routines and healthy recipes with a touch of humor that makes you feel like you’re hanging out with your best friends.  I’ve tried out many of their routines and they’re 100% doable, but also challenging.  Also, this fitness duo is all about keeping exercise fun and supportive-they’re great at keeping in contact with their followers and doling out health advice via Twitter @toneitup.  Their approach to making fitness fun even inspired yours truly to finally get her NASM physical training certification—but more on that later.

My second stop is apparel related.  Those who hang out with me alot know that I love Lululemon, a yoga inspired exercise apparel company.  I’m so passionate about the brand, some might go as far as labeling me a “luluhead.”  Call me what you will, but I might as well look cute while I’m powering through tough workouts.  In addition to cute clothes, Lululemon.com offers up empowering stories, yoga moves and exercise tips. Even though I can only get clothes from their “loot” section these days, their cute duds make me want to sweat, run and finally master my crow pose.  That’s me in crow pose and my messy room 🙂

Here I am!  Please excuse my lack of photo skills


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