Let’s Make It a Date!


August 3, 2010 by Danielle

Everyone knows that it’s hard to fit in exercise amidst work, social outings and all of the other “to-dos” that pile up during the day. I know there are days when I start out with every intention of getting in a good workout and then all of a sudden it’s 11pm and I have yet to sweat.

But, if we’re able to schedule in meetings, happy hours and the like, why not pencil in a good sweat session?   Creating a workout schedule increases the likelihood that you’ll actually  get to the gym.  It also adds structure and efficiency to your workout since you know you have an allotted amount of time to get in and out of the gym.  Who has (or wants) to spend  countless hours at the gym anyway?

Starting a workout schedule doesn’t have a to be a huge ordeal. Take a few minutes at the beginning of your week and jot down what you’d like to accomplish in your workout each day and when you plan on doing it. Writing things down makes your intentions even more concrete. Make your workout schedule realistic. If you’re just starting to exercise, planning to be in the gym for two hours a day every day probably isn’t that realistic…but planning to move for 30 minutes a day most likely is a great goal. When planning your workout schedule, think of it as a mini weekly BHAG.

If you’re already thinking that exercise scheduling is going to be an annoying hassle, there’s a more creative planning solution that you can adopt. While you’re drawing up your schedule, remember that it is not something you have to do alone.  It’s even more effective when you “make a date” out of it.   Setting a specific time and place to exercise with a friend makes working out much more effective since exercising with a friend is much more fun than sweating solo.  Plus, a little friendly competition or treadmill gossip can go a long way. Last but not least, it’s much more likely that you’ll make working out a priority, since no one wants to deal with the wrath of a friend who was stood up at the free weights.

Friends make it Fun

So if you’ve had trouble sticking to a workout routine in the past, try creating a workout schedule or making a few gym dates. Check out the links below for more information on the benefits of creating a workout schedule and some tips and hints on exercising with a partner.


2 thoughts on “Let’s Make It a Date!

  1. Cristina says:

    high school zumba dates worked like a charm!

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