Laundry and Lunges


August 17, 2010 by Danielle

“But I have no time” is a comment that we’ve all heard when it comes to exercise.  I know I’ve definitely used that excuse.  Then I realized that I could use the time in between chores (waiting for laundry to dry, for example) to “exercise multitask.” Watch the video below to find out what I mean and see one of my favorite circuits–and some fun outtakes.

I do 20 reps of the jump squats, squat thrusts and split squats (10 on each leg) and then 30 reps of mountain climbrs (15 each leg) and then 20 reps of the tummy tuck (10 each side).  Repeat it 3 times total!

*Also sorry for the long video! I wanted everyone to see the circuit once…but apparently iMovie ’08 does not have a speed adjustment feature.  Oh well!  Hope you enjoy it anyway!


3 thoughts on “Laundry and Lunges

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  2. Dr. Patrick Cotter says:

    Wow, that’s some pretty awesome camera work!!!!

  3. […] watching, I decided to multitask (you know I love multitasking!), so I grabbed some weights and put together a “3-2-1 circuit” in true Jillian […]

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