Summer in the City

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June 21, 2011 by Danielle

It’s the first day of summer! The weather is warm (if you don’t live in San Francisco) and it’s a great time to be outside. To celebrate here are a few great tips for taking your workout outdoors.

1. Hot or Not? If it gets hot during the day, save your outdoor workouts or the morning or the early evening. That way you can avoid the heat and still enjoy the great weather.

2. Stay hydrated! Drink water throughout the day to performyour best.

3. Sunscreen. Make sure you put on your SPF even if it’s overcast. A sunburn is not a fun summer accessory. (For more tips sunscreen, including recent changes to sunscreen terminology, check out this article).

4. Wick it, wick it good! When you’re exercising outside during the summer, chances are you’re going to get quite sweaty. Make sure you choose clothing with wicking properties so that you stay dry and comfortable for outdoor workouts. I love working out in Nike’s Filament Dri Fit capris and Lululemon Cool Racerbacks.

5. Have fun! Summer is the time to take advantage of the great weather. Take activities that you typically do indoors and move them outdoors. Trading in the yoga studio for the backyard or the treadmill for the trail can work wonders for your motivation and your spirits.


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