Fast Fit Facts-Sleep

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June 23, 2011 by Danielle

This is my cat Fiona settling in for a nap. She is very aware of the benefits of sleep.

Of course as I write this post it’s past midnight-but I thought you needed to know a few fast facts about why sleep is important for fitness!

Who needs sleep? You need sleep! In a recent study, athletes maintained their regular sleeping and training schedules. They took part in sprinting and hitting drills to measure their performance. After extending their sleep to 10 hours a night for five to six weeks, the athletes increased their performance on both hitting and sprinting drills.

If you’re burning the midnight oil, you’re more likely to gain weight. Why? According to Dr. Michael J Breus, there are a few causes for sleep related weight gain including more time to eat (duh!), increases in the stress hormone cortisol, which spurs appetite and changes in glucose metabolism, which causes your body to hoard calories instead of burning them as energy.

Moral of the story? Get your z’s!




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