Summer Sipping

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July 21, 2011 by Danielle

After a long day at work and some intense apartment cleaning, an adult beverage was definitely in order. Even better, it was relatively warm out which is a rare occurrence during the cool San Francisco summers. I know most of the country is stuck in an unbearable heatwave…but San Francisco my friends is downright cold during the summer months.

To celebrate the warm weather and the close of hum-pday, I set off to whip up something fun. I tried Skinny Girl Margarita mix for the first time last weekend, so I had some around the house. I really like it since it’s not overly sweet like most pre-made drinks and it’s also all-natural. I decided to use this plus some fresh basil from my garden and whipped up what I like to call the Blueberry Basil Bomber. It’s a light summery drink with a hint of sweetness and since it’s made with Skinny Girl, it won’t ruin all of that hard work that you’ve been putting in for bikini season  🙂

Basil Blueberry Bomber

4 ounces Skinny Girl Margarita mix

1/4 c. blueberries

1 packet of stevia (you can also use agave)

handful of fresh basil leaves


seltzer water

Makes 2 servings

The ingredients


1. Mash blueberries and basil together-it’s easiest if you rip up the basil and then mix with the blueberries

2. Pour margarita mix, blueberry/basil mixture, stevia and ice into cocktail shaker (or in my case a mason jar which ended up working perfectly!)

Getting creative with the cocktail shaker

3. SHAKE IT UP! Shake mixer until all ingredients are well mixed.

4. Strain into two glasses. Take blueberries and basil and add to drink as garnish.

5. Fill glass the rest of the way with seltzer water and add a few ice cubes.



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