Music Roulette


August 2, 2011 by Danielle

I can’t help it, I have a bit of a type A personality. I appreciate order and planning, especially when it comes to my workout playlists.

This weekend, I ceded a bit of my control and decided to let my boyfriend Patrick make a playlist for my long run. I let him use my music library on iTunes and I told him to do whatever the heck he wanted. I didn’t check the playlist until I hit play the next morning. Here’s a run down of the playlist he made, along with some choice commentary on what I found.

1. 50 Ways to Leave Your Lover-Paul Simon

  • Apparently this was Pat’s way of easing me into my run, but when I heard it I did anything but relax because I was a bit concerned that he was trying to send a message…
  1. Dog Days Are Over-Florence+The Machine
  • Arguably one of my favorite long run songs. Well done.

3. Dancing Machine-Jackson 5

4. Dirt Off Your Shoulder-Jay-Z

  • I love working out to Jay-Z and I voice this on a regular basis, so this was an easy pick.

5. Madonna-Vogue

  • I had forgotten that I owned this song, but it was fun to bop along to.

6. Cold Hard Bitch-JET

  • Again ROCKIN’ song, but are you trying to send me a message?

7. Sum of Us-Jurassic 5

8. Manifest Destiny-Guster

9. Welcome to the Jungle-Guns ‘n Roses

  • This song never ceases to make me feel like a badass.

10. Firework-Katy Perry

  • If you don’t like running to this song or at least having your own dance session while no one’s looking, we can’t be friends. (just kidding)

11. Stitched Up-Herbie Hancock & John Mayer

12. Blow-Ke$ha

  • What can I say? He knows me well and knows that Ke$ha has some of the best songs to work out to.

13. I Like It Rough-Lady Gaga

  • Great Lady Gaga song that rarely gets its fair shake on my playlists, but I don’t even want to know if there was meaning behind this one.

14. Steve McQueen-Sheryl Crow

  • Unsuspecting, yet good for a long slow run.

15. The Emperor’s Soundtrack-Lupe Fiasco

Overall, I really enjoyed this playlist and no this little experiment didn’t spell the end of us. I tend to use the same songs over and over, so this was a great way to change things up without having to purchase a load of songs. Also, since I didn’t look at the playlist until I hit play the next morning, I kept myself entertained throughout my run by guessing which songs would play next. So if you find yourself getting bored with your workout mixes, grab a friend and let them shake up your shuffle!


3 thoughts on “Music Roulette

  1. Taylor says:

    You should look at Ellie Goulding’s remixes, like the Lights Bassnectar Remix and the Starry-Eyed Penguin Prison Remix.

  2. […] I’ve mentioned before, I’m mildly type A, especially when it comes to my workout listening choices so just going with whatever algorithm […]

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