Choosing A Positive Thought

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August 3, 2011 by Danielle

Yesterday I set off for a short run just to wake my legs up after logging a few longer runs. Three easy miles-2 miles at a comfortable pace with 1 fast mile in between.

My run started off fine, but quickly deteriorated from there. Once I was finished with my “fast mile” my legs…and most likely my mind, were not having it. My inner dialogue went something like this.

“Why are you so winded? You ran 9 miles on Saturday no problem and six yesterday. What’s the deal? If you can’t run three miles, are you really sure that you can run 26? Your workout is suuucking-so … slow. You should probably just throw in the towel and walk.” And so on and so forth.

A negative thought starts out small and then you focus on it and give it the attention that it needs and wants to become bigger and bigger and it grows and grows.

Until you really can’t ignore it and it takes over all of your thoughts and ultimately derails you from any positive thoughts.

When you’re a mental athlete like me, even a hint of negativity can completely undo the work any positive work I’ve done and yesterday, I kept feeding the beast and yes, I ended up walking, which isn’t surprising because with thoughts like that, why wouldn’t I have? I would NEVER say those things to someone else while they were running, or in any other situation, because it would be mean and completely demoralizing. So why would I expect myself to do well if I’m saying those things to myself? The tricky thing about negative thinking is that when no one has to hear the thoughts that are running through your head, you can be as mean to yourself as you want to be, which isn’t helping out anyone.

Which brings me to a challenge for this month…

My challenge, and feel free to join in, is to actively “choose a positive thought”. Not to sound cliche, but life is all about choices and this includes the way that we think. It takes the same amount of energy to focus on a positive thought or a negative thought, but the outcomes can be vastly different depending on how you channel your energy. So I dare you to choose a positive thought…nothing to lose right?

By the way, the photo above comes from Lululemon’s manifesto, which you can read all of here.

Alright, that’s enough talking. On to happier things!

How do you choose a positive thought? Ever have a tough time doing so?


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