Shoes, Glorious Shoes!

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August 3, 2011 by Danielle

This is a much happier post than this morning. Much needed!

Anyway, I love shoes.

If I had the funds to spend on all of the shoes I wanted, an intervention would be necessary.

I don’t discriminate either. Flats to sneakers to heels, I love ’em all.

So I thought I’d share two pairs of (athletic) shoes that I bought last week (and one pair of shoes that I will always love).

First off are my new Nike FlexTrainers. This marks a new moment in my workout life as I have never before owned a pair of cross trainers. Even though I know that runnign shoes are best used for moving forward and backward (what you do when you run…duh) I had always used them for all sorts of activities.

When I started doing the 30 Day Shred Challenge, which involves alot of lateral movement and lunges, my knees started to bother me and I thought it was high time I invested in a fitting shoe.

So far so good. First off, these are the lightest shoes I have ever worked out in, aside from my super sweet bright orange track spikes from high school :). They have also really helped cut down on my knee pain. Hurrah!

New Nikes for a New Challenge

Second in line are my TOMS. TOMS stands for “Shoes for tomorrow” and every time someone buys a pair of TOMS shoes, a pair is donated to a person in need. Aside from the fact that these shoes are making the world a better place, they’re comfy and light as air. They also come in a bunch of different colors and patterns, so I might have to add to my collection sometime soon. Cute, comfy shoes that are doing good for the world- who doesn’t love that?

Cute, comfy and doing good for the world!

This pair o’ shoes is not new…but they’re probably my favorite athe-leisure purchase. I think they speak for themselves.

A classic.

What’s your shoe personality? Do you have a favorite shoe or accessory that makes you smile?


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