Finding Refuge


August 9, 2011 by Danielle

If you know me well, you might know these two things about me.

1) I love National Public Radio and I listen to it throughout the day at work. I don’t necessarily listen for the political commentary, but I do listen for the creative way that they bring the news to life. Hilarious weekend shows like “Wait, Wait Don’t Tell Me” (which I listen to on my long runs) and Car Talk aren’t too shabby either.

2) Although I am a sane, level-headed and generally happy human being, I have the ability to work myself in “tizzy”, if you will. In mere moments, I can work myself up to transform into a highly irrational, very unhappy and slightly insane person whose behavior is more reflective of a five year old’s than the 25 year old that I am. At least I can recognize this in myself.

Yesterday, those two facets of my personality united to create a mildly unfortunate situation…that, in the end, was quite fortunate.

After listening to reports of financial instability on the radio all day, I had created a doomsday financial situation in my head and by the time I got home, I had decided that it would be a good idea to pull out my finances to try to cut wherever possible in order to avoid imminent financial ruin.*

A full on meltdown ensued (image courtesy of Hyperbole and a Half)

My mind kept moving faster and faster, and my doomsday became even more doomed until I was in the middle of the floor, papers strewn about, crying to my parents on the phone. In my self-induced state of hysteria, I kept telling them something to the effect of “The economy is going to collapse, I’m going to lose my job and I’m going to live in a cardboard box down by the river.”**

I digress.

So after moaning incoherently to my parents and having them convince me that everything was going to be alright and I would be fine, I took a step away and decided they were right. But what to do next?

It had nothing to do with a finances or the stock market. I went on a run. I pounded out an interval run that I found on Sarah Fit earlier that day and used that time to focus on one thing, rather than a slew of what-ifs. I used my run to find refuge from the craziness that was occuring both internally and externally. Once I had finished, I found that I had returned to my normal level-headed state.

So what’s the moral of the story here (aside from taking a second to check yourself…before you wreck yourself)? The moral is to find a way to “get away” while doing something that is good for your body. It doesn’t matter if you choose yoga, running, dancing, stretching or anything in between,  all that matters is that you love to do it, which will help you de-stress and refocus.

Do you ever have mental meltdowns? How do you bounce back?

*While this is definitely a sane and rational decision in most circumstances, it was not a good choice due to my state of mind at the time

**Yes, that is a reference to the Saturday Night Live sketch, but in my doomsday scenario I could not even afford a van.


2 thoughts on “Finding Refuge

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