Weekend Adventures


August 15, 2011 by Danielle

This weekend I had my apartment all to myself so I took the opportunity to relax and also do a bit of exploring. I have lived in San Francisco for exactly three years and it’s weekends like the one I had that make me love the city a little bit more.

Anyway, after my successful 16 mile run (furthest I’ve ever run!) last week, I was looking forward to my weekly long run. As I set out for 18 miles on Saturday, I was just not feeling it. You know those days when you just feel heavy and winded? That was my run. I also had a major music mishap when I discovered that the new Jillian Michaels Podcast that I had downloaded for my run was NOT an older episode, but a weird podcast of a rabid Jillian fan waxing poetic. Music fail. Anyway, I plodded along for 13 miles before I called it a day and went home. Even though this wasn’t the run I had been hoping for, I had fun exploring new sights and trails in the Presidio, which is a National Park overlooking the Golden Gate Bridge.

Romping the trails in The Presidio

Oh well.

The rest of Saturday was spent stretching out and watching copious amounts of Sex and the City and the Sex and the City movie with a girlfriend. My idea of a perfect Saturday night.

Sunday was quite laid back. As city-dweller, I’m lucky enough to be within walking distance of two really great Farmer’s Markets, but I have never really fully explored them, so I killed two birds with one stone and did a recovery run to the Fort Mason Farmer’s Market.

This little gem is right on the Marina with the Golden Gate Bridge as a backdrop. The market is held every Sunday and features a vareity of local produce, fish, cheeses, wines (c’mon it’s Cali!) and breads. Luckily, I could only buy what I could hold with my two hands because with items like this…

and these…

and these…

So many heirloom tomatoes!

and these too!

I could have gotten a little out of control.

The market also had a few food stands with fresh squeezed juices, croissant sandwiches and Indian food that looked delicious. I didn’t get to try any, but I’ll have to come back next week to do some more in depth investigations.

In the end this is what I came away with and I’m excited to share what I made for dinner last night using some of these fresh ingredients, but that’s later on today so you’ll just have to check back!


Happy Monday everyone and stay tuned for an exciting announcement later this week!


4 thoughts on “Weekend Adventures

  1. […] you might have read, I spent most of the weekend either running, exploring or watching […]

  2. Julia S. says:

    Way to work it on the long runs Dani! I find doing really long runs on back-to-back weekends is killer on your legs (and sanity). I followed a plan that involved 16 miles one weekend, then 13 the next, then 18, then 13, then 20, etc. That way you have time to rest up! Definitely recommend!

    Keep it up!

    • dmwolfe says:

      Thanks J! I might have to incorporate that into my training plan bc this week was definitely a killer mentally. Come to CA to run with me any time :). Thanks for reading!

  3. […] so I didn’t have another directional mishap like I had earlier. I wound through the Presidio (a favorite!) until I got to the Golden Gate Bridge..which you could just see through the fog. Heading onto the […]

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