Swedish Oatmeal Pancakes


August 17, 2011 by Danielle

About two weeks ago, I told you about this magical new pancake that I had when I went out to brunch. I found a recipe and now I’m ready to share my take on it. Of course this pancake looks pretty normal….

Side one..okay looks like a pancake...

And then BAM! Flaxy, apple-y goodness on the other side.

This is my good side.

I think the recent goldmine of oatmeal based pancakes is actually turning me into a pancake person…and these are the best yet. These pancakes are fluffy, filling and warm the cockles of my soul. The best thing about this recipe is that you can substitute the “bake-ins” for whatever you like. Feel free to ditch the flax seeds in favor of slivered almonds or add in nectarines instead of apples. It’s up to you!

Also, don’t be afraid of the “butter” part of buttermilk. For a long time I thought that buttermilk was full of bad for you fats, but I discovered that the milk just gets its name from being the thin liquid that is left behind after fresh cream is churned to make butter. The low fat varieties are actually full of riboflavin, calcium and are low calorie. Who knew?

Swedish Oatmeal Pancakes
adapted from Every Pot and Pan (is dirty)
2 c old fashioned oats
2 c reduced 1% buttermilk
1/2 c wheat flour
1 tsp baking powder
1/2 tsp baking soda
1 egg, 1 egg white
1 thinly sliced apple
flax seeds

1. Mix together dry ingredients and add buttermilk. Let soak for 30 minutes or overnight.

2. Mix egg and egg white into buttermilk mixture until well combined.

3. Coat skillet with nonstick canola oil spray and place on high heat.

4. Ladle mixture onto hot griddle and turn heat down to medium.

5. Sprinkle flax seeds and slivered almonds onto top of pancake.

6. When pancake starts to bubble on top, flip to cook other side.

7. After about 4 minutes, check for doneness (is that a word) and remove pancake from griddle.

8. Top with peanut butter, all natural maple syrup, honey (it’s really up to you!) and enjoy!

Totally unrelated and non-topical…I can’t get “Pumped Up Kicks” by Foster The People out of my head. So good.

What music are you listening to right now?


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