I’m Cheating On My Blender


August 18, 2011 by Danielle

Have I ever told you how much I love my food processor?

Well I do. A lot.

Will take a hug while sweaty..This must be love

Before my food processor came into my life, I was devoted to my blender and my KitchenAid. They did things like mix bread dough and make smoothies…but I still felt like something was missing. Then one day, HB caught my eye and I immediately felt like that hole was filled. We started going on dates behind my blender’s back, whipping up healthy cookie dough and banana whips and chopping up veggies for salsas and salads in seconds.

The best thing about HB is that he likes to do things I hate to do, like chopping veggies. Whereas my salads used to be laced with my own blood from chopping mistakes (it happened daily, no joke), HB effortlessly chops and slices kale, mushrooms, heirloom tomatoes (from the farmers market!) and carrots in seconds and makes beautiful looking salads that look like this:

Monster kale salad

Okay, okay. HB is obviously just an appliance-formally, HB is a four month old Hamilton Beach 70760 10 cup processor, but it really has made baking and salad making easier than ever. I highly recommend picking up a food processor if you can! Mine wasn’t expensive either, it was on sale at Target for about $50.

And if you’re wondering how the salad tasted….

Salad? What salad?



4 thoughts on “I’m Cheating On My Blender

  1. Shaya says:

    Love your blog! I plan to make the banana whip tonight, I’ve been hearing about it from a ton of friends but haven’t gotten around to it yet. Question about the salad, you said you put the kale through the processor too, do you just wash the leaves and feed them through? Thanks!

    • Thanks for reading-much appreciated! Let me know how your banana whip turns out–they’re life changing! On the kale, I usually just wash it and pulse it in the food processor so it doesn’t get too mashed up. Most times I just put in the entire kale leaf in, stem and all, but some people like to de-stem the kale before they process it since it has a rougher texture.

  2. Cristina says:

    Does the salad keep well if I store it in the fridge overnight? (sans dressing of course)?

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