A San Francisco Running Adventure


August 19, 2011 by Danielle

Hello! I thought I posted something this morning before my adventure…but WordPress and I are not friends right now. So take two!

Anyway, I’m going out of town this weekend, so I decided to get my long run of the out of the way on today. Which meant I had to get up early. Really early. Like 4:40 AM early. After stumbling out of bed and getting ready (I had every so craftily set out my granola bar the night before-I’ll share the recipe next week!), I made sure I was ready to go.

Please excuse my case of sleepy face

Headlamp check! Okay, I didn’t run with the headlamp, but I did take my mace (seriously, things can get dicey) and my phone along as well as some CHOMPS and GU. Regardless, thumbs-ups are always appropriate.

After pumping myself up, I set out to get in 17 miles before breakfast (and work eeek!). Reviewing that sentence makes me think that this run officially marks the beginning of my descent into madness. Anyway, I thought it would be fun to document some early morning sights and sounds along the way…so let’s get going!


My first stop was Grace Cathedral in Nob Hill. If you’re ever in San Francisco I recommend checking it out, as it’s a really pretty church and open to all-even if you want to just walk around. Even cooler-they hold free yoga!

First stop, Grace Cathedral before sunrise

After getting lost in the Haight (yes I still get lost in the city after three years of living here), I made it into Golden Gate Park, which is full of fun (and educational) destinations like the Conservatory of Flowers, the DeYoung Museum and the California Academy of Sciences, which hosts a really fun NightLife event every week where you get to party with the animals…I’m serious. There’s a DJ, cocktails and science exhibits. Can’t get much better than that.

Conservatory of Flowers


After taking in the park, I headed towards “The Bridge”.

All signs lead to the bridge.

Luckily there were signs along the way so I didn’t have another directional mishap like I had earlier. I wound through the Presidio (a favorite!) until I got to the Golden Gate Bridge..which you could just see through the fog.

Heading onto the bridge

I made it across the bridge and into another county…Beautiful Marin.

Made it to Marin!

Back in San Francisco!

After crossing the bridge and making it back into the city, I hit the final leg of my morning tour and passed by the Palace of Fine Arts and…


Alcatraz-extra spooky in the fog.

THE ROCK. Better known as Alcatraz. I promise, it’s in there somewhere, it was just really foggy this morning. After one minor (okay major) bathroom emergency (TMI?) I made it home with my fastest long run splits yet! Definitely a thumbs-up worthy moment, which I couldn’t bask in too long because I had to get to the office.

Sweaty, salty, dewy and happy.

I’ll share my run splits with you later, but this was a fun and different way to start the weekend. Plus, my hardest run is out of the way… even though walking through the office right now is a bit of a challenge)

Do you ever go “run touring”? What’s the earliest you’ve ever fit in a workout?

HAPPY FRIDAY everyone! Have a great weekend.


12 thoughts on “A San Francisco Running Adventure

  1. FABULOUS run!! That’s amazing!

    The longest I’ve ever run before work was 9 thus far. I never think to take my phone out and take pictures on my runs though, such a great idea! 🙂

    Glad you had a great run. . . I secretly love running in the fog!

  2. That looks like a pretty epic run! I wish I had so many cool spots to run to!

  3. Cristina says:

    The only exercise I’ve ever managed before work is yoga. Long morning bikes are only doable on weekends because afterwards all I want to do is shower, eat breakfast, and take a nap. You are a rockstar.

  4. Kolbe says:

    I ❤ the first pic.

  5. […] promised I would post my splits from my Friday morning adventure, so here they are! You can click the link to make the image […]

  6. 17 miles before breakfast! Wow. I only wish I could do that. I think 13.1 is where I’m stopping for now 🙂

    • 13.1 one sounds like the perfect mileage to stop before breakfast 🙂 Since i was going out of town it was the only way I could fit it in, but I’m hoping runs of that length before work don’t become a regular thing! It was fun trying it out and seeing the city before everyone else was up.

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