Schedule be Damned

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August 25, 2011 by Danielle

Am I allowed to use that word?

Well I just did. As you might know I’m taking a mini vacation at home on the East Coast and as you can probably tell from my lack of on scheduled blog posts, my schedule has also taken a vacation. And I like it.

Although I was a little startled when I awoke at 12 pm today (in my defense that’s 9 am on the West Coast), it’s really nice not to have a particular schedule to adhere to, especially when I work in an industry that revolves around schedules and checklists. So here’s a little glimpse of my day.

I woke up-No photo available..After traveling for 12 hours and then passing out for another 12…it was not pretty.

We were out of peanut butter and I wanted to get a snack in before my workout so I made some cashew butter from scratch for a raisin cinnamon toast with honey.

Yep, that's real honeycomb in there

I would show you the final product…but I got excited and ate it all before I was able to take a picture. Whoops.

Then I visited the gym and LO AND BEHOLD. Things have changed since I last visited. My local YMCA had always been nice, but televisions on every cardio machine and an expanded workout area? Sign me up. Suffice to say, I watched ALOT of Law and Order: SVU during my workout.

TV on every treadmill! I'm in heaven.

While waiting for my sister to pick me up, I wandered over to one of my favorite grocery stores…the Harris Teeter. While there I found a gem in the cereal aisle….

A super-sized box of Kashi?!

A MEGA SIZED box of Kashi Go Lean Crunch. How do they not have this in San Francisco?!

After returning home, I took Miss Maia out for a walk.

Maia post cardio. She does not sit still so please excuse the demon eyes.

Maia is the dauchshund/sheltie mix that I adopted about 3 years ago after fostering her for about 6 months. She moved home to North Carolina when I moved into a “no dogs allowed” apartment in SF, but I’m pretty sure she enjoys it out here since she has Shadow to boss around play with.

After that, I continued to abuse my mom’s kitchen by making a smoothie and keeping it super fancy with some sparkling water. The smoothie was a huge fail by the way.

Even if it didn't taste looked fancy.

That’s about it! Now my sister and I have to go perfect our fist pumps and get ready for the extravaganza that will be the Britney Spears concert featuring Pauly D. and Nicki Minaj.

I’ll report back later!


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