Busting It While Busted


September 7, 2011 by Danielle

Over the past week or so I’ve been taking a break from marathon training because my foot has been bothering me, but on Saturday I was a bit stubborn and set out on a teeeny tinny run. As usual, I was listening to a Jillian Michaels podcast; as many of you might know on I like to listen to The Jillian Michaels Show while I run because I always learn something new, I’m mildly obsessed, she’s hilarious and it makes the time fly by on double digit runs.

Anyway, as if it was a sign from the powers that be, that morning’s topic was listening to your body and finding creative ways to exercise if you’re injured. Go figure. About a mile in my foot started to hurt and I had to stop. Serves me right.

I was definitely a loser for running on an injured foot.**

After walking home feeling a bit defeated, Jillian’s podcast got me thinking. Even though I can’t run, being a little gimpy gave me the opportunity to do some of the activities that have been neglected since the start of my marathon training. I hopped back in the pool for the first time since my triathlon training (and was quickly reminded of my high school swim team days-get me outta here!), did some light yoga for the first time in more weeks than I’d like to admit and today did a weight circuit that was light on the lower body, heavy on my 100% functional upper body and abs [circuit is below!].

So, the bottom line of my long tale is that if you’re busted…there are still ways you can bust it out, you just have to get creative!

Fingers crossed for not having a stress fracture…or at the very least I’ll have some fun x-rays to share. How have you exercised while injured? Have you ever had a stress fracture?

**If you’re wondering about the picture above-I’m not being taunted by bullies :). It was on my way to a race in college. I had mono so I couldn’t row, but apparently I wasn’t allowed to study on bus either. That’s what friends are for.







Bust it Up While Busted

The first half of this workout is from Men’s Health (yeah, MEN’S Health), the other half I did all on my own. Repeat this entire circuit 2 times….all the way through.

For the “rounds”, complete one set of the first move, then 1 set of the next move, and do the same with sets 2 and 3. Then move on to round 2.

Round 1

10, 8, 6 push up position dumbbell rows

20,16,12 dumbbell push-ups

Round 2

10,8,6 kneeling dumbbell curl

10,8,6 kneeling shoulder press


2 x 15 each side plank twist (A Jillian favorite!)

2 x 60 seconds plank hold

2 x 15 each side side plank lift (on elbow)

2 x 15 windshield wiper (or what I like to call the “Bring It On” because it reminds me of a cheerleading move)

  • Lie on your back and hold a two 10 pound weights directly above your chest with your arms straight and your legs straight on the ground. Raise your legs two inches off the floor, so they are just above parallel to the ground, then, keeping them together, hoist them up diagonally, as if you’re trying to touch your feet to the each dumbbell. Slowly lower the legs back to a couple of inches off the floor and repeat, lifting them diagonally toward the left end of the dumbbell. [source]

30 each side bicycles

10 pushups

10 each side travelling push ups

2 x 15 supermans

Source: FitSugar


4 thoughts on “Busting It While Busted

  1. Kristine says:

    I secretly love Men’s Health and read my boyfriend’s all the time! Good job for listening to your body… taking a little time off to prevent an injury is a lot better than having to take a lot of time off once you have one!

    • I know! As much as I love Women’s Health, the guy’s version definitely has better workouts in it-the models aren’t too shabby either. On the injury front-Thanks! As much as I used to dread running, now I miss it! Hopefully the dr. has some good news for me tomorrow!

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