Running Again! Quick Thursday Update


September 8, 2011 by Danielle

I’m too excited to wait for an AM post…so here’s an evening post for a change of pace!

I went to the doctor this morning and got some x-rays of my foot (which I would have photographed had my phone not died). GOOD NEWS! No stress fracture-just severe inflammation. The doctor gave me the a-okay to keep training for my marathon along with some great tips for preventing injury-which I’ll share tomorrow!

Even better, the San Francisco “Indian Summer” seems to be arriving, so I was even more excited by the fact that there was a chance that I could go for a warm weather run.

Somehow, on my walk home the weather went from this…

Sunny skies and warm weather!

To this..

Which made my face do this-

Frowns for cold fogginess

Because I was really looking forward to warm weather.

But then I remembered I could run again and ta-dah!

Happy again.

Smiles all over.

Despite the abrupt weather change, I set out for a short 3 mile “Welcome Back” run and it felt amazing-even though my foot still hurt, it was good to know that it’s not cracking in half any time soon.

After ending my run with a quick stop by the bar to catch some of the NFL opener with a few guy friends, I arrived home ready to chow down. I made the Sun-Dried Tomato Hummus that I found on Healthy Tipping Point (delicious!) and created a quesadilla with almond cheddar “cheese” (for the dairy challenged like me), spinach, onions mushrooms and avocado.


As if my day couldn’t get any better, I’m watching Project Runway LIVE, since we got cable yesterday. After 4 months without it, I’m not afraid to exclaim how much I have missed my reality TV.

Thursday you get a thumbs up.

Until tomorrow-Auf Wiedersehen!


2 thoughts on “Running Again! Quick Thursday Update

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