Yum, Bacteria in Your Smoothies!


September 8, 2011 by Danielle

I have been on a smoothie kick recently-a smoothie kick of epic proportions-

Dinner on Tuesday was a berry banana smoothie…with Kashi. I ate it before I was able to take a picture..whoops.

Breakfast on Wednesday

Green Monster...with Kashi

Dinner on Wednesday

Choco-Bananarama Smoothie with...Kashi

You might be asking “Wow these smoothies lovely and all…but what’s so great about them?”

Well I’ll tell you, but let’s take a step back first.

Although I have always been a smoothie lover, when I started voraciously reading healthy living and fitness blogs, I kept reading about these things called “smoothie bowls”, namely on “Meals and Miles“,  where Meghann posted pictures of her smoothie bowls on a nearly daily basis. Although they looked delicious, I thought “So what-it’s just a smoothie in a bowl”. But alas..these smoothies in a bowl are thick, filling and employ a secret ingredient… xanthan gum.

Xanthan wha?? My first thoughts on xanthan gum were-

a) Ahhh! that sounds like a scary artificial food that I should stay away from.

b) Oh that must be gummy, sticky and messy.

I was wrong on both accounts.

I decided to go to Whole Foods to see what this xanthan gum thing was all about. I wandered up and down the supplements aisles looking for something in a jar, maybe that looked green and slimy? No. After asking the staff, they took me to the another aisle where I was handed this:

My blender and Bob's Red Mill xanthan gum are BFFs

White, powdery and in the baking aisle. Of course.

And if you’re wondering what xanthan gum actually is, it’s a food thickener that’s derived from the outside of a tiny bacterium (Xanthomonas campestris if you were really wondering). It’s all natural and gluten free, so it’s good for those who are gluten intolerant.

So long story short, xanthan gum is all natural and has rocked my smoothie world. I’m never looking back.

Oh yes, note to readers-even though you might fall in love with xanthan gum, don’t go crazy with it like I did. While making dinner last night, I thought it would make my eggs as light as and fluffy as my smoothies.


Eggs + Xanthan gum=FAIL

It makes them weird and fluffy and almost liquid…but solid. Maybe I overdid the xanthan gum, because a little goes a long way but when I made my manfriend taste these eggs, he immediately demanded that I bring him something to get the texture and taste out of his mouth. What a good manfriend…taking one for the team. Whoops!


4 thoughts on “Yum, Bacteria in Your Smoothies!

  1. Um, THANK YOU for this post because I had NO idea what Xantham Gum was and why everyone was always talking about it! I looove me some Bob’s Red Mill anything and I loooove me some smoothies!

    • No problem! Since you love smoothies, xanthan gum is going to change your world! Let me know when you try it. AND FYI-a little goes a long way when you’re adding it to smoothies. The first time I made the mistake of dumping in an entire teaspoon…which turns your smoothie into a massive lump. I learned that once the smoothie is blended, add xanthan gum little by little until it’s the right consistency. Happy Thursday + Thanks for reading!

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  3. […] Blend all ingredients and enjoy! I of course enjoyed this with some xanthan gum (to make it the smoothie a little thicker) and topped off with some kashi go lean crunch […]

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