Slow Your Roll to Speed Up Your Time

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September 9, 2011 by Danielle

As you might have seen from last night’s post, I am happy to report that I have been cleared to run again.

Hi running shoes. It's been a while.

After more than a week and a half off, I’m glad to be back.

What was causing the pain you might ask? Apparently if you’re an over pronator like me, the tendon that runs from the outside of your foot along your ankle and up your leg basically flips out and tries to correct the overpronation to prevent a sprain. The constant stress on the tendon creates inflammation and discomfort. Check and check.

Aside from taking aspirin and icing, the doctor recommended two things to prevent further pain:

1) Slow your roll (okay she said reduce your speed…what I said sounds much better)

”]2) Increase your strides per minute.

Oddly enough, I had recently read about strides per minute in recent Runner’s World article, but I never thought to try it or that it would help prevent injuries. After doing test after test on elite athletes, researchers determined that the magic number number for strides per minute is 180-which means you take 180 steps per minute.

During my run yesterday, I decide to try out this strides per minute thing (because I was too excited to slow my roll). I thought it would be easy to do 180 strides per minute…but boy was I wrong. The first time I counted my strides I was somewhere in the 130 range. Then I tried again…141. I finally got to 160 and felt like I was doing the 60 year old run-walk shuffle…but I did notice a decrease in the impact on my feet and I was actually moving pretty fast. Try it out some time-counting also helps pass the time.

Do you ever count strides per minute?


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