Exercise and Indian


September 14, 2011 by Danielle

I’m watching Rachel Zoe as I watch this…so forgive me if this post is bananas. 🙂

I keep oversleeping and missing my morning workouts. “Why?” you might ask. Well it seems that Fiona has a taste for iPhone charger cords and tends to chew through them in the middle of the night, causing my phone to die, consequently shutting off my alarm clock and causing me to oversleep. For the record she has ruined 5 cords to be exact…approximately $100 work of cords.

I had planned on doing a morning workout, but I overslept thanks to Fi and I had a dinner date with my dad and manfriend that evening (I’ll get to the food part later) so I had to get in a quick workout.

After work I decided that I wanted to do some strength training, since I’ve been slacking a bit in that department since I started training for my marathon. We recently revived our cable  after four very sad months of life without BravoTV, so I decided to try out Exercise TV, which is an on demand offering from Comcast.

Exercise TV offers hundreds (literally) of exercise videos on demand. There were a few names I hadn’t heard of on there, but they also have exercise videos from Jillian (like 30 Shred!) and Jackie Warner videos. They have everything from specific body part workouts to yoga, dance, cardio and kickboxing. I’m in!

I tried out the Chris Freytag head to toe sculpt and have to say that it was pretty good!

Exercise TV, YOU did this to me!

The workout was circuit based and did work my entire body-my arms were definitely shaking afterward. I really loved that the workout incorporated athletic drills that worked on agility. The workout also featured a timer in the corner so you know how much time is left in the workout, which a feature I saw in most of the videos that I previewed.

After a shower and a quick change, I headed to Amber, an Indian restaurant in the Financial District, to meet my dad and manfriend. I love that both my mom and dad work for San Francisco based company, so they’re out on the West coast a fair amount.

Dani and Dad

And yes, I know we look alike.

Enough with the details and on to the food!

I started off with a glass of pinot grigio-all of my Real Housewives watching has definitely had an effect on me.

For apps we had samosas and Palak Chaat which is….flash fried spinach!

It is served with a light sauce and cranberries and was unexpectedly delicious (I was a little afraid of the odd combination of flavors). I also loved that the samosas were bite-sized so it was perfect for one.

We shared our entrees, which were tandoori chicken, Jaipuri Bhindi (spicy okra with tomatoes and mango slivers),

and Awadhi Lamb Biryani (rice cooked in lamb).

Even though I don’t like lamb, the rice was very well seasoned and the way the dish is prepared is pretty fascinating. Apparently they cover the rice and lamb with dough and heat it in a tandoori oven. Then they bring it out to the table, but it open and mix the dish at the table. Plus 10 for showmanship. And of course the assorted bread basket…mmmm naan.

Suffice to say that as I”m writing this, I’m sleepy and full and ready for bed (or more Bravo!) Talk to you in the future 🙂

If you’ve tried Exercise TV, what’s your favorite workout-I’d love to try out some of your favorites!


2 thoughts on “Exercise and Indian

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