20 Miles-It’s in the Books!


September 19, 2011 by Danielle

So last week I was supposed to run 20 miles…didn’t happen.

Since my marathon is in less than a month, this week, was the week. So here’s a recap.

But first, let me talk about how apprehensive I was about this run. After last week’s epic meltdown 2 miles from the end, I was a little scared about running 20 miles. Luckily, Ali at Food, Fitness, Fashion did a great recap of her twenty mile run experience and also offered me a little support via Twitter-

Thanks Ali!

The encouragement helped fuel my motivation and I also decided to bring a friend along for the ride. Up until now I had done all of my marathon training solo, but I felt like I needed some extra ammo for this beast of a run. My friend Andrew was nice enough to run the entire 20 miles with me, which made the run MUCH easier (and a little fun too). Since San Francisco is really small (it’s only 7 by 7 miles!) we got to run through a bunch of different neighborhoods, ran from one end of Golden Gate Park to the other, and of course had to run across Golden Gate Bridge. My legs definitely got heavy around mile 18, but we pushed through and finished in 3 hours and 19 minutes.

When we finished, my watch looked a little like this-

FINISHED (and unfocused).

And my face looked a little like this-

Nose flair, check. Extreme saltiness..check.

I get EXTREMELY salty when I do my longer runs. After my first long run, I was wondering why I kept getting weird stares on my way home. Mystery solved.

After our run, my manfriend came to pick Andrew and I up and we headed to the supermarket to pick up some food and take some victory shots. Of course we could have taken pictures in front of one of the many scenic and beautiful views we came across during our run…but we chose the parking lot of the Safeway. Oh yes, he showered and changed into normal people clothes.. I forewent that in favor of getting to the food.

Awkward parking lot victory montage in 3…2…1

Thumbs up (kind of?) for 20 miles!

"Wait this is for your blog?!"

"I'll look normal then"

Because this is what sexy looks like.

There are more victory photos, but things just went downhill from there,so I’ll spare you that.

After hitting up the grocery store, we got stuck in traffic, which I thought was the perfect time to break out a post run pre-snack snack (that’s not a typo) to make up for all of the salt I lost during my run.


The heartburn I got later proved that to be a delicious but hastily made decision. Oh well-it passed the time while being stuck in the back of the car.

The rest of my day was basically spent like this-

For the record that's a post shower towel on my head.

while drinking “frappucinos” and eating my favorite post run snack.


And as if Bravo knew I was going to be stretching, sleeping or doing a combination thereof for the rest of the day, they provided me with an America’s Next Top Model marathon. Perfect-o.

So all in all, 20 miles was a big milestone (badum ching!) and although I’m glad I did it, I’m glad it’s over!

What’s the longest run you’ve done?

How do you pass the time while doing any long runs?


3 thoughts on “20 Miles-It’s in the Books!

  1. I recognize that Safeway! North Beach? Congrats on 20 miles!! I’m getting there… I think in a couple of weeks! NERVOUS!!

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