Attune Foods Breakfast Summit and Sonoma


September 26, 2011 by Danielle

This weekend was super busy (well at least Saturday…on Sunday I watched football and or mass amounts of Sister Wives all day). So to spare you a really boring Sunday television recap, I’ll fill you in on Saturday’s activities.

On Saturday, Attune Foods hosted a Fitbloggin’ SF breakfast happy hour. Since the meeting started at 8 am, Attune provided us with a breakfast bar full of fruit cereals and coffee. They also encouraged mixing, which I’m a huge fan of so I filled my bowl with raspberries, bananas a dollop of Justin’s almond butter and three types of cereals from Attune-Cocoa Crispie Brown Rice cereal, Strawberry Crisp Cereal (my favorite!) and Raisin Bran.

Breakfast is served.

The best wall ever-The breakfast wall at Attune Foods.

After eating, introducing ourselves and chatting, Jae Berman a local registered dietitian and personal trainer who also contributes to Shape Magazine, led a discussion on the importance of breakfast…my favorite meal!

Jae Berman discussing breakfast

Although I was already aware of the importance of breakfast, I came away with some great nutrition tips and tricks and learned alot of new information. During the session, Jae covered everything from what to eat before a workout to how to space meals throughout the day to avoid the “3 pm slump”. I left the meeting with some great nutrition takeaways. Here’s a rundown of the most interesting things I learned.

  • Think outside of the breakfast box– Jae suggested trying different things for breakfast if you were getting tired of your same old routine. She suggested trying unconventional meals like chicken soup, last night’s leftovers and even chicken and eggs (!) for breakfast.
  • You can GAIN weight while exercising-I always assumed that the weight gain during training came from eating too many calories post-exercise…WRONG! Weight gain while training for endurance events sometimes comes from not consuming enough calories during and immediately after exercise. Evolutionarily, our bodies are always preparing for a crisis by storing calories and fat to survive a stressful situation. Our bodies perceive training for an endurance event as stress (even if you love it!) and hold on to calories to keep you prepared. If you don’t consume enough calories after this “stress”, your body does everything it can to keep itself prepared-meaning that it holds on to calories and fat, leading to weight gain. Bottom line-Make sure you’re eating enough!
  • Check in all the time-Jae is a big proponent of checking in with your body every 3-4 hours to see if you were hungry and listen to your body to see what you need. She stressed really listening to your body (“Am I hungry? What do I need?) and it will definitely tell you what it wants-something we don’t do enough these days!

Jae also gave us some quick ‘n dirty tips for figuring out portion sizes using your hand as a guide. You can find those here (Thanks Marisol!). The event was fun, I got to eat yummy cereal and learn interesting facts about breakfast nutrition. BEST of all was the fact that I met a bunch of new bloggers and also meet a few people I’d been talking to online, but had never met, like Courtney! It was a great experience and I’m looking forward to the next event.

The whole crew!

After the blogging meetup I went straight to a friend’s house to go to Sonoma-a complete 180 from the morning’s event. We had a limo for the event since my mom is in town for business. We visited three wineries/vineyards that were all quite different. First off, we visited Eric Ross, which is a very small winery. The staff there was very nice and answered all of our questions and was fun to chat with. The owner of the winery was actually there pouring wine for tastings!

Mommy and me!

After Eric Ross, we went to Chateau St. Jean, a larger winery and vineyard, for a picnic lunch and of course…more tastings! The grounds of the winery were gorgeous and it was great to sit outside in the sun and picnic.

The view from Chateau St. Jean. Perfection.

After leaving the chateau, we went to Kunde. I had visited this winery before, but it was great to be back again. The winery was actually the one featured in the movie, Bottle Shock, is about California’s ascendence to the top of the wine world.

We love wine!

All in all Saturday was a great day full of making new friends, hanging out with old friends and of course sharing great food (and drink!).


7 thoughts on “Attune Foods Breakfast Summit and Sonoma

  1. Kolbe says:

    Donna and Sister Wives in one post?! AWESOME.

  2. Annelies says:

    Danielle- I enjoyed meeting you on Saturday & it sounds like the rest of your day was a whole lot of fun!

  3. Nice! Fun weekend! I haven’t been to Sonoma in ages.

  4. Great Re-cap! I am glad I didn’t see the almond butter….we have issues with it. lol

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