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October 5, 2011 by Danielle

If you couldn’t tell from my increasingly crazy/obsessive posts, I’m a little nervous about my race on Sunday. I’d say its 20% tapering hyperactivity (more on that later today), 130% nerves and fear of the unknown.

Trying to learn all I can (source)

In order to bring a little bit of control to the situation (I’m a little TYPE A, I can’t help it!), I’ve been devouring race recaps from some of my favorite blogs to see if I could learn a little somethin’ somethin’ about what to expect come race day.

Here’s what I learned:

Monica at Run, Eat, Repeat has a goldmine of race recaps (I recommend you read them all), but the most exciting nuggets of information were-

  • When it’s your first ever marathon you always wave and smile for the photo ops 🙂
  • A complete race recap of the race I’m running! That helped calm my fears a bunch.

I loved Hungry Runner Girl’s “Marathon Lesson’s Learned.” Here are a few of my favorite takeaways.

  • BE YOUR OWN BIGGEST FAN.  Cheer yourself on, act amazed with yourself, recognize that you are hard core…..for goodness sake be a little COCKY about the task you are undertaking.
  • Reserve your energy. Use every ounce of energy efficiently. Move horizontally, not vertical.  Use your arms a little less.
  • Make friends with the other runners.  Yeah they are your competition but they will become your biggest resources and you will learn a lot from them.
I would love to post every single race recap I read, but I don’t want to ramble on forever, so check out more of my favorite race recaps below! If you have a great race recap to share (all distances!!), PLEASE by ALL MEANS share it in the comments section! I’d love to read about your experiences

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