Unwinding by Winding Up

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October 18, 2011 by Danielle

Blech. The last week or so could be described as such.

I usually try to keep the wambulance posts to a minimum, but between work and other personal issues that I won’t go into-this week has been less than stellar. On top of that, ever since the marathon my knee has been bothering me, so I can’t really work off my negative energy by my usual menas. But there is a happy ending to this one I promise!

Anyway, when I arrived home today I was still in a bit of a funk and decided that yoga might do the trick. I’ll be honest, I’ve been more than slacking with my yoga-even though it would have really complemented my yoga training, I just didn’t make time for it. My fault.

So suffice to say it’s been a while. As you might know, I’ve recently fallen in love with Exercise TV (since I usually opt for convenience…which gyms are not), so I tuned to Dynamic Flow yoga for Butt and Legs (yes that’s the real title) and got my flow on with Ted McDonald.

Oddly enough, even though Tedd put my buns & thighs through the ringer, I did feel a bit better at the end of it. Yoga really can work wonders…

After a hearty dinner (I’ll share that recipe later…Fitness Magazine..hint hint), I settled in with the guys and snuggled up with this one-

It's a rough life..someone's gotta live it.

to catch up on Dexter and watch one of my favorite movies, The Crush. Yes, I’ll admit there are some pretty subpar films in my otherwise STELLAR film repertoire ;), but you have to love an early 90s stalker film with Alicia Silverstone during her pre Cher Horowitz days.

Anything Alicia Silverstone gets a thumbs up in my book.

At least Monday’s over…Let’s hope that Tuesday has better things in store!

Are you a Monday person–how do you recover from the Monday blahs?


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