A Picture’s Worth 1000 (Bad) Words

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October 25, 2011 by Danielle

If you looked at this post’s title and came here looking for an entry about self image or cursing, you didn’t come to the right place. Well, at least not today…those could all be topics for an upcoming post.

If you didn’t know it already, I usually draft my posts the night before and have them auto post in the morning (unless something super special happens), but Wednesday’s non-post is a different story. I thought I’d let the pictures speak for themselves as to why I won’t have a topical post ready for you on Wednesday morning.

Almost 6000 emails in my inbox. PROBLEM.

Darn daily deal emails.

But no fear, I spent the time I normally would have spent writing a blog post making my inbox look like this-

6000 to 1 in less than an hour.

Now that my conscience inbox is clear I can make something special happen for my next blog post! Time for bed 🙂

Do you ever let your inbox get out to of control? How many e-mails did you have? Any good tips for controlling the clutter?


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