Sweatin’ Out the Strip


December 14, 2011 by Danielle

I survived my first time in Las Vegas! Most of the trip was spent doing some iteration of this…

I figured this was the only picture I could share.

or this-


or staying up too late, like this–

Oh dear. The sun is rising.

So as you might guess, I felt like this on Monday….

This is not fun sun. This is I'm going to work sun. (Image Source)

So it was no surprise that I needed a little motivation to get back on track with my workouts (trust me there was no time to get into the gym over the weekend-does excessive dancing count? I think it does).

At the end of the day on Monday I was thinking about evading the gym and starting a new on Tuessday…and then I saw this on my Twitter feed-

It's a sign.

My friend Courtney was feeling the exact same way. So we decided to rely on some Twitterspiration (Twitter+Perspiration+Inspiration?) to get you know what done.

And guess what…WE DID! I got in 45 minutes of easy cardio on the stair stepper and treadmill and Courtney got in time on the treadmill. Even though we don’t go to the gym together, it amazed me how we could motivate each other…via Twitter at that. Better yet, we both felt SO much better after we got a little sweat session in.

Just goes to show you that inspiration and motivation are lurking everywhere.

I, like deal with a lack of motivation when it comes to work out, so make sure to check out Fitness Magazine for some great tips on how to jumpstart your fitness motivation.

How do you get motivated to work out when you really don’t want to? Let me know below!


2 thoughts on “Sweatin’ Out the Strip

  1. Kristine says:

    Oh I love me some Vegas!! I always tell myself how much better I’ll feel afterwards. Whether I need to bring a magazine with me, zone out to the TV or just listen to music to get through it, I just keep telling myself “you’ll feel better after!!”

  2. […] have the day off since I’m going somewhere sinful (hint, hint) for a girl’s trip, so expect a post […]

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