Music Made Me Do It


January 4, 2012 by Danielle

Two posts in one day?!

New year, new me post.

After almost two weeks of  visions of sugar plums dancing through my head,* I was less than pleased to return to work yesterday. Although I worked out over the holiday, it’s one thing to get your sweat on in anticipation of more Law and Order: SVU and House Hunters Marathons than one could shake a stick at…it’s a completely different animal when you’re talking about sending yourself to the gym with a head cold* (THANKS SIS!) after a long day one back on the job.

A completely different animal...Yes that is an Irish tiger stripe onesie to be featured prominently on this blog from here on out.

When I finally pumped myself up to make the 2 block walk trek to the gym, I had no idea what I wanted to do, but I did know that my workout would not include timed intervals of any sort or anything too limit pushing-I just wanted to sweat. So I covered up the treadmill monitor, snagged the December Runner’s World (trust me it’s a big win at my gym-most times I end up with Golfer’s Digest..not exactly the pick of the litter) and set my iPod to shuffle-something I NEVER do.

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m mildly type A, especially when it comes to my workout listening choices so just going with whatever algorithm Apple uses to determine the next song was a big leap of faith…but it actually made my work out fun and interesting!

Instead of basing my workout on a time or goal speed, I based my speed on the tempo of the music. Rihanna? I sprinted my booty off. Jurassic 5? Cruising along. Enya? Well I skipped that. But you get the idea. Using the music tempo method, thirty minutes on the treadmill flew by fast enough that I was able to hop on the spin bike for another 30 minutes and tackle some great hill and sprint sequences…once again determined by the tempo of my music.

It was a fun way to mix up my workout and motivate myself to keep on going. So when you don’t feel like doing it…have the music make you do it. Trust me, it’s science.

*I promise the requisite holiday/New Year’s/freaking out about 2012 goals post is coming soon.
**I don’t like to work out if it’s anything below the neck-here’s a great guide from FitSugar on when to work out…and when to skip it.


One thought on “Music Made Me Do It

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