Birthday Trips & Motivation Dips


January 9, 2012 by Danielle

Since I’m trying to do some epic procrastination on a work presentation (I like the way that rhymes), I thought posting a blog update would be a semi-productive idea.

This weekend, we got a group of people together to celebrate my manfriend’s birthday by hiking the Dipsea Trail, which is home to the famous Dipsea Race, the oldest trail race in America. The first few miles were straight up hill, so it boggled my mind as to how someone would actually run this trail….for time. Most of the trail looked like this..

Gorgeous (Image Courtesy of Sarah Lavender Smith)

But you’ll have to take my word for it because my camera died the moment I stepped onto the trail.

After sweating our butts off, we decided to check out the Pelican Inn– an English pub in the middle of nowhere.

The sunny lawn, perfect for sipping pinot..Hard life. (Image Courtesy of

It is absolutely ADORABLE and the perfect place to sip wine in the sun and celebrating someone’s last years in his twenties…Which we did.

Perfect day!

We arrived back in the city later that night and quickly found out that we had locked ourselves out of our apartment…what a great birthday present!

Instead of trying to pick the lock (thanks for your lack of help Google!), we decided to head to a local bar to wait for our landlord. Despite the fact that we were both still decked out in our hiking clothes at 9PM on a Saturday night, we made some friends who did not let us win at pool even though it being my manfriend’s birthday. Oh well.

You'll see me on ESPN soon...we lost. By alot. And no we did not play the two cuddlers in the back..

On to Sunday!

Recently I have been doing little to no running due to the following:

a) a sick nasty cold

b) I just don’t flipping feel like it (too strong?)

I’ve learned that sometimes you just have to ride the “I don’t wannnas” to get your running mojo back. That motivation arrived today today in the form of beautiful weather and a new pair of capris (I’m pretty easy to please…most of the time).

Even though I wore them for my hike yesterday, I wanted take my Luluemon Run Inspire II capris out for a spin. (Yes you read that correctly…wearing spandex twice in a row doesn’t scare this girl).

Someone found the self-timer. Good news for everyone!

And run I did-

1 mile warm up

1/2 mile “all out” (6:20/mile)

1/2 recovery

Repeat Run/Recover cycle 2 more times

1 mile cooldown

Garmin Connect map of my "Back in Action" course.

I always find that adding in a bit of speed work helps to keep boredom at bay.

 All in all a lovely weekend..and now it’s back to this-

Not as fun as running and sunning

What did you do this weekend? Did it involve any outdoor activities?
How do you keep your runs interesting?

One thought on “Birthday Trips & Motivation Dips

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