Fun Fitness Finds


January 24, 2012 by Danielle

This weekend I loaded up on fun fitness finds. I would share them all with you at once, but I’m going to use the little bit of restraint I have and wait to share them with you throughout the week.

So here’s my first fun fitness find, which I actually just can’t shut up about.

So excited.

This weekend, my manfriend decided it was time for a new Xbox and a Kinect. I’m not too into video sports…

My new addiction.

But I am into dancing.

After hooking up the XBox and tearing into the Just Dance 3 case, I just danced…and danced…and danced. My manfriend had to cut me off before I collapsed into a sweaty mess. The songs are so fun (hello, LMFAO, Beyonce and Katy Perry), you don’t even notice that you’re sweating up a storm and getting in a workout while you’re learning dance moves that are sure to impress. The game even has a “sweat” setting that takes you through a booty shaking workout session.

Last but not least, Kinect doesn’t require controllers since it tracks your body movements through a camera component. Not having to hold frees me to bust a move and really limits the amount of bodily harm I can inflict upon others in the room. Trust me, I’ve done some damage with a Wii controller.

So after all of that vivid description, you must be wondering what I looked like when I played the game.

Well if you want a visual, my dance moves are pretty much akin to this….

Apparently the grace gene went straight to my sister.

Ha. Kidding. That’s my sister.

It looks like the grace, composure and rhythm gene missed a generation, because I look like this….

Note 1: Sorry about the video quality! My iPhone was being uncooperative. 

Note 2: Don’t judge me on my outfit choice. I’ve had those shorts since 5th grade and they were the first thing I saw when I ripped into my drawer yesterday after sprinting home in  in an effort to get to Just Dancing as fast as possible.

Shameless? Yes. But I’ll do anything for you. Happy Tuesday!


5 thoughts on “Fun Fitness Finds

  1. christina says:

    OMG hahahha, we’re twins. I’m so obsessed with Just Dance. ahhhhhhhhh

  2. Kate says:

    Despite my hesitation, my boyfriend convinced me to get him an Xbox360 with Kinect for Christmas. (I still managed to completely surprise him though, yay me!) I must admit, it’s a blast! And, after reading your post, I made him go out and buy this game for us. I played last night, and totally agree with you; it’s uber fun, and a workout! However, I admire you for posting a video, as I felt like a complete goof dancing around my living room. Thanks for the “review”, if you play any other fab games, let me know!

    • Danielle says:

      Aw thanks for reading! I completely thought the same thing about the XBOX-I thought it was a complete “guy thing”-and now I’m the one using it all the time. I’ll definitely let you know if I try out any more fun games 🙂

  3. […] of weeks ago when I received one as a part of a special promotion when my boyfriend purchased my new best friend, the XBox Kinect. FitBit! This was actually after I opened it out of excitement. Then I decided to […]

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