Fun Fitness Find: FitBit Ultra

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February 7, 2012 by Danielle

After hearing so many amazing reviews of the FitBit Ultra, I was contemplating buying one.

Fate happened to intervene a couple of weeks ago when I received one as a part of a special promotion when my boyfriend purchased my new best friend, the XBox Kinect.

FitBit! This was actually after I opened it out of excitement. Then I decided to be a good blogger and put everything back in the box and photograph it.

The FitBit Ultra comes with a charging base, a mini hip holster and a wristband that is used for tracking sleep patterns. As with most electronics these days, the FitBit Ultra is easy to use right out of the box and guides you through the set up process once you plug the USB cord into your computer.

The goods-wristband, hip holster and the FitBit Ultra on its charging base.

Its also very small (about the size of my thumb) and can be worn in a variety of places on your body to track movement. The box recommended that I wear it in my cleave…so I’m pretty sure you can guess where I put it every day.

My FitBit placement can make for awkward social situations.

Now on to the fun stuff.

The FitBit Ultra tracks your daily steps taken, miles traveled, number of flights climbed and approximate calorie burn and you can view these numbers on an easy to read display. There is also a flower that “grows” throughout the day to indicate your level of movement-you have to keep moving throughout the day to keep your flower healthy.

What I love most about the FitBit Ultra is the online dashboard. When the device is near its base, the FitBit Ultra automatically syncs activity to your dashboard, where all of your daily stats are listed. It’s really fun to get a comprehensive overview of your daily activity. The FitBit Ultra also adapts to daily activity levels and sets new movement goals accordingly, so the more you move and log activity, the harder your goals get!

Get all of your information in one spot-on the dashboard!

In addition to tracking activity patterns, FitBit Ultra also helps you track your sleep. Two things I’ve learned so far: When I go to sleep, I pass the you know what out (7 minutes?!) and  the cat licking my eyelids in order to get her food in the morning is indeed having an effect on my quality of sleep.

When my cat wants her food at 5:30 a.m., she wants her food at 5:30 a.m.

The dashboard also has a handy dandy food tracker and library. One of the things I have been working on since December is keeping an honest record of my food intake. Back then, my food tracking, although organized, looked like this…

I think there might be a theme to my food journal notes...

But with the FitBit Ultra, my food tracking looks like this…

Easy food tracking. My snarky notes about my my mood in relation to my hunger are still included.

The food dashboard allows users to quickly enter food items and serving sizes through an online library of nutrition data. Better yet, when you can’t find a certain food in the dashboard’s extensive online library, you can quickly add a new item along with its nutrition information. In addition to easy meal entry, I also like that the food dashboard provides a breakdown of the nutritional value for all of your daily meals.

I'm an active lady. I love my carbs.

I’ve been using the FitBit Ultra for a little more than a week now and I have to say I love it!* I love being able to track my food intake, activity and sleep all in one spot. The only thing I think it needs is a reminder feature that buzzes to keep you moving throughout the day. I, for one, know I could use a reminder to get up and move during my long days at the office.

Bottom Line: The FitBit Ultra might come in a small box, but it is a powerhouse of a fitness tool. If you want to know more about the FitBit or the FitBit Ultra, check out the official website.

If you use a FitBit or FitBit Ultra, I would love to hear what you think in the comments section below. If you have any questions about my experience with the FitBit Ultra, feel free to ask away!

*Just in case you’re wondering, no, FitBit did pay or give me free products for this shiny review-I just love my FitBit Ultra so much that I wanted to spread the word, but hey, FitBit if you’re reading and you need a new brand evangelist…I’m your girl! 🙂


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