Shed ‘n Shred:Extreme Edition


February 8, 2012 by Danielle

When I changed my website to a dot com, I think I should have changed it to Something called copyright infringement got in my way though, so it is.

Today I have two Jillian related updates for you! The first review is below, but you’ll have to check back for the other one later on. Crafty, I know.

First off, Jillian’s new DVD “Extreme Shed and Shred”.

Getting Extreme (Source)

Immediately upon hearing that Jillian hand a brand new DVD out, I went to Amazon and purchased it.

One day when I didn’t feel like hitting up the gym for my “Making the Cut” workout, I figured that this DVD would be an apt subsititute.

Before I get to the review, I thought I’d give you a mental image of what I looked like when I was reviewing this DVD.

I pull off "normal" so well during public workouts. At home, all bets are off.

Good, glad you have that mental image now. It was essential to the review.

Anyway, the DVD is separated into two 45 minute workouts. You can choose to do the workouts individually or as one 90 minute workout. Never one to let Jillian down, I opted for the whole shebang.

The first workout consisted of different workout styles from kickboxing to plyo and even included some capoeira moves. One capoeira move, the joelhada, caused me to yell “I’m in the Matrix! I’m in the Matrix!” because, well, it looks like you’re in the matrix.

The Joelhada. I also look like that while I'm in the matrix. (source: SELF Magazine)

As you can tell from my yelling and the variety of workout styles incorporated into the first half of the DVD, I had a lot of fun. At one point I was thinking, “Wow! This is so much fun! I don’t feel like death!”

Of course, I had spoken too soon.

The second workout is done in true Jillian fashion-lots of peripheral heart action moves a.k.a moves that work your upper body, then your lower body to keep your heart rate up, plyometrics and ab moves that still managed to leave me short of breath. Squat jumps with weights? Check. Push-up plank jacks? You can get those here! Single leg mountain climbers?! Yeah those happened.

Just when I thought Jillian’s workouts couldn’t get any harder, she went and upped the ante with Extreme Shed and Shred. During the workout, I was throwing out a lot of words that deserved a bar of soap to the mouth. Despite the challenging workout, I was pretty proud of myself once I had finished.

Bottom Line: If you want a workout that’s fun, full of new moves and busts your butt (literally), this DVD is for you. I know it will be in my regular rotation.

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Part two is coming up soon!


3 thoughts on “Shed ‘n Shred:Extreme Edition

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