And You Thought the Shake Weight Was Awkward


February 9, 2012 by Danielle

First off-yesterday was the biggest day on my blog! Either the visits algorithm is broken or you like me, you really like me!

This was me yesterday. (source)

Sorry I couldn’t hold back on that one.

Either way, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! I really appreciate people reading my little ol’ blog. Yes, that thank you goes out to all of the friends and family members I coerce into reading this too.

Onto today’s topic.

From sweat slinging, to stinky fellow gym goers to that guy who always seems to be watching, the gym seems to be rife with uncomfortable situations. Which is why I’d like to use today’s post to discuss a favorite topic of mine, awkward gym exercises.

While I’m willing to try anything once for the sake of getting in a good workout there are some exercises that cross the line, making me and everyone else within eyeshot feel really, really uncomfortable. So without further ado-the top five exercises that make me want to flee the gym.

5. TIE: Squat/Deadlifts

While deadlifts remind me of the “bend and snap” from Legally Blonde (don’t pretend that you don’t know what I’m talking about), proper squat form also requires you to just stick your booty out and about.  For both of these moves, it seems like you’re trying to show off your booty, but in reality you’re just trying to tone it.

Awkward Factor: 2.5-Since these two moves are workout staples, I don’t feel that weird doing them. Showing off my rear while toning it? Don’t mind if I do.

4. Clam

Although this is a popular Pilates move, my thought is that anything named after a seafood belongs on a plate, not at the gym.

Up close and personal (source:FitSugar)

In addition to the fact that the exercise requires you pose like you’re Fabio on the beach, the actual motion looks like you’re trying to give the world an up close and view of your nether regions.

Awkward Factor: 4-I reserve this exercise for the safety of my own home.

3. Plie Squat with dumbbells

Although the name suggests grace and poise, this move is anything but. As if squats aren’t weird enough already, spread your legs and put a weight in between them and you have the plie squat in all of its awkward glory.

Effective, yes. Graceful? No. (source)

Awkward Factor: 3-Once again, even though it looks funny/lewd, I’ll do it because it works.

Although it might be a bit awkward, the move above works wonders and is from a GREAT lower body workout from Fitness magazine, which you can find here.

2. Hip Thrusters

Yes I did these at the gym yesterday. Did it feel awkward? Absolutely. Although, I have never been a fan of this exercise because of what it brings to mind (ahem), it is a really great toning exercise for your hamstrings, back, abs and behind, so I just grin and bear it.

Awkward Factor: 4.5-If it weren’t so darn effective, I’d save this move for other places.

Pretty much. (source)

1. Frog Kicks

I thought hip thrusters were the epitome of uncomfortable gym exercises. Until I tried this “new to me” move that was part of yesterday’s “Making the Cut” workout. For each new workout routine, I write down the exercises and often include little illustrations so I know what the heck I’m doing. I’ll let the illustration explain my thoughts on this move:

I think my description is pretty apt.

Oh, and if my illustration isn’t doing a good job conveying how awkward this move is, here’s a video.

Frog Kick Video get ready. (source)

Yeah. I said it was awkward.

Awkward Factor: Off the charts-I did just one of these and bailed. I think everyone around me was thankful too.

If you’re not uncomfortable enough, check out Fitbie’s list of “9 Seriously Awkward  Exercises”. I don’t know about you, but I’m not really sure how they didn’t include the frog kick. I’m still cringing.

Are there any exercises that make you feel super uncomfortable (in the awkward sense) at the gym? Any that are deal breakers that you just won’t do? Please share below!


One thought on “And You Thought the Shake Weight Was Awkward

  1. HA! This list is hilarious. And so very, very true.

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