What’s Red and Pink….

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February 14, 2012 by Danielle

I’m kidding. No bad jokes here.

You guessed it-that time of year has come again…Valentine’s Day.

Yep-that about sums it up.

I don’t usually celebrate Valentine’s Day, nor am I a huge fan of it. I’m not bitter, I’m just lazy when it comes to cutesy holidays that involve crafting. But a few weeks ago I was reading “Hungry Meets Healthy“, and fellow blogger Christina proposed a Valentine’s Day Blogger swap where we would be randomly assigned another blogger with whom we would exchange gifts.

My initial thought was that this might result in a stalker or a creepy delivery, but I figured what the heck and decided to dive right in and participate.

Best Valentine's Day card ever. I'll save this one for Ryan Gosling.

Luckily, no stalker situation occurred. I was paired up with Shannon, who probably sent me the best V-Day gift I’ve ever received. She definitely gets two thumbs up for sending me a package full of my absolute FAVORITE treats-


which may or may not be gone by now.

She was even nice enough to include a toy for Fiona, which she promptly attempted to destroy…but in a loving way.

Even cats need love.

To see what I put in Shannon’s Valentine’s day package, head on over to her tumblr, Healthy Shenanigans.

Hope everyone has a Happy Valentine’s Day and is able to keep the sugar comas to a minimum!


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