Benefits of Busting It


February 28, 2012 by Danielle

Since I didn’t post yesterday and I know many of you were wondering what I was up to this weekend, I’ll sum it up in three brief photos-

I didn't have any pictures of me a flattering picture of my friend Alyssa will suffice.

I was in attendance at Monster Truck Jam 2012

Sometimes you need to bake some cookies...and eat one...or five.

Since a three photo weekend wrap up is less than useful for any of the readers outside of my immediate family and/or friend circle, I guess it’s time for the section of the blog where I share some knowledge with real world value.

If you’re a frequent reader of this blog or just about any health/wellness blog on the internet, you’ve probably heard of HIIT or High Intensity Interval Training. HIIT consists of repeated bursts of cardiovascular exercise at an all out effort, followed by a short period of rest.  These workouts might get you sweaty, but just what are the proven benefits of busting your butt? Read on!

  • The New York Times recently published an article examining the science behind “modified” HIIT exercise routines, or interval exercise done at about 90% of maximum heart rate, since most of the general population isn’t capable of sustaining the maxiumum all out effort required for a normal HIIT workout. The benefits were still ample and include:
    • More Motivation-Let’s just say the people in the longer duration/steady pace group were less than excited to still be toiling away on the treadmill long after their modified HIIT group counterparts  was finished. Test subjects in the modified HIIT interval group reported that the workouts were bearable and something they could keep doing day after day because the workouts were short in overall duration.
    • Improved Health-In patients with Type 2 diabetes, regular HIIT training improved blood sugar regulation, especially after meals.
  • Additional studies suggest that when women incorporate HIIT sessions into their workout routines, they increase the body’s ability to break down fat and burn energy during exercise.**
  • Increased Efficiency-Studies show that HIIT training increases production levels of cellular protein involved in energy production and oxygen consumption.

So if that didn’t inspire you to get out there and starting HIIT’in the pavement (I had to!), check out these great HIIT workouts for even more inspiration.

  • From the ladies at Tone It Up: 3 Quick HIIT routines for the track, treadmill or bike.
  • Even though it’s from Men’s Health, these workouts are great for ladies too (my favorite is the pyramid!)

**Thanks almost Dr. Kristen, who will be an official Dr. Kristen in about 3 months and was nice enough to interpret a scientific study for me amidst her insane study sessions. That’s what friends are for, right?


2 thoughts on “Benefits of Busting It

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