Be Prepared

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March 5, 2012 by Danielle

Monday mornings can feel chaotic after a stress-free weekend and when you’re trying to get to work on time, preparing a good for you lunch can go right out the window.

Through some trial and error, I’ve learned that it always pays off (literally!) to be prepared when it comes to healthy eating-fewer unintended meals out and wasted groceries! Below are a few easy tips to help prepare for a week of great eats:

1) Plan

Although I strongly dislike meal planning, it really does help cut down on wasted food and grocery bills. I usually make a list before I go grocery shopping and determine which day I’ll make a dish. To make meal planning a little less painless, flip through your favorite magazines and take note of new recipes you want to try.

So many recipes, so little time!

2) Prep

On Sunday night, cut up veggies and fruit that you can use throughout the week. It took about 15 minutes to cut and bag kale, onions, red peppers, strawberries and grilled chicken breast for the coming week. Having prepared items cuts down on cooking time and also makes healthy snacking a snap.

Easy eats for the week

3) Plastics

As you can see above, tupperware is key to preparing for the week. I love leftovers, but if you’re over eating leftovers, divide what’s left into individual servings, store them in tupperware or Ziploc bags and freeze them for later.

If you want to get another blogger’s take on healthy meal planning, check out this great post from Culinary Bliss.


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