A (Birth)day Off


March 7, 2012 by Danielle

So I’m not!

My office is nice enough to give us a day off on our birthdays, so I’m spending the day working on a fun fitness activity that will result in a present for a few lucky readers (wink, wink) and most likely fitting in some shopping and Bravo.

Now, please allow me this moment of self-indulgence. I figure it’s my birthday, so I can. šŸ™‚

Thinking about getting a year older caused me to mildly panic reflect on the past year. On the walk home from work yesterday, I started thinking about the past year and initially felt like it wasn’t really special at all, but then I started to think of the great things that had happened during my 25th year on earth, including:

Thanks to everyone who has stopped by my blog over the past year-it made 25 a pretty good year..and I’m hoping that 26 will be even better.

Oh yes, self indulgent moment number two..because I can.Ā Fitness Magazine was also nice enough to nominate me for their Fitterati Award for Best Healthy Living Blogger, so if you like my blog, I’d appreciate your vote!

Click the button above orĀ here to cast your vote!**

What are your “birth year” accomplishments?

Are you a birthday person?


4 thoughts on “A (Birth)day Off

  1. KOLBEEEEE says:

    You’re seriously off for your birthday? Well this just messed up my plan…

  2. JULIA S. says:


  3. […] training at the gym, so I’ve been trying to switch my workouts up a bit. Since I had the day off on Wednesday, I decided to try another new activity and get my sweat on at Pop Up Fitness, a free pop-up event […]

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