One Week


March 26, 2012 by Danielle

Why hello!

Apparently a fair amount can happen in a week.

I had a mystery illness last week that they thought was shingles (thank god it wasn’t!), so I spent a lot of time on the couch, not blogging. Instead I watched a few documentaries (and some Gossip Girl!)-

Let’s just say that there were lots of tears  and laughter during “Being Elmo” (how can someone not love Elmo?!) and “Bill Cunningham:New York” made me want to move to NYC and learn how to dress myself as soon as possible. Page One was about the New York Times and gave me great insight into the reporters that I have to talk to every day at work (yes, I do call NYT on a pretty regular basis-it still scares me). 49 Up is the latest installment from a series that has followed the lives of a group of British people since the age of 7-they’re all around 50 now. Before I turn this into a full-fledged review, I’ll just say that all of these documentaries were great and they’re on Netflix, so if you have some time, I recommend watching them all!

In between my sleeping and documentary watching, I did a little baking as well.

Since I was stuck in the house I didn’t feel like going to the store to buy crackers…so I got adventurous and made them! I’ll be sure to post the recipe at some point during the week.

I also got antsy to get running again-so instead I signed up for another marathon-d’oh!

I see a PR in my future.

Luckily it’s not till December.

To tell you the truth I was also feeling a little burned out managing my blog, which I love, work and working out. But it’s great to be back now! I have a few fun things coming up including a guest post and another edition of “Ask a Blogger“, so tune in and hope you have a great Monday.


3 thoughts on “One Week

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