The Best Way to Watch TV

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April 2, 2012 by Danielle

My poor bike has been sitting in the garage for almost six months because I’m a wuss when it comes to riding the streets of San Francisco on my own, mostly because I’m really clumsy. Case in point was day one with my road bike when I got stuck in the cable car tracks-

Then there was the tourist bike collision on the Golden Gate Bridge-I haven’t ridden across the bridge since.

In order to avoid future life threatening situations and bring my bike out of retirement, I bought a CycleOps Mag + wind trainer which allows the rider to transform a road bike into a stationary bike (and watch Bravo reality TV at the same time).

Manfriend even got to bike and watch all of the shows that I hate his shows from the comfort of the guest room.

Although we all know that television is one of my top priorities, sweating is too, so the trainer provides a great option for  instances when I can’t find a riding partner or it’s raining-which has been happening almost daily here in San Francisco. Maybe a treadmill’s in my future so I can just bring the entire gym home 🙂



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