Guest Post: Running an Ultra Marathon

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April 6, 2012 by Danielle

About a week ago, you met Aron from Runner’s Rambles as part of my “Ask A Blogger” series-and this week she’s back again, this week it’s to discuss her big undertaking, the American River 50!

When I first met Aron, I knew she loved running, but I didn’t know how much she loved it. Like, loved it enough to commit to training for and running a 50 mile race. Aron started training for the American River 50 mile Ultra Marathon in December of last year and when I found out she was training for an ultramarathon, I was dying to ask her a few questions like  “why?” and more importantly “how?”. Aron was nice enough to answer these question and more on training for an ultra. By the way, Aron’s race is tomorrow – so head on over to her blog or tweet her your good vibes- you can find her @runnersrambles!

Aron hitting the trails

What made you ultimately decide to do an ultra?

After 4 years of running marathons and constantly being intrigued on how it would feel to run further, I finally hit the register button.  I wanted to do something that scared me, that I wasn’t sure I could do, that really pushed my limits and that took me to a new level in training.
What’s the toughest part of training?
It’s really time consuming!  At the peak of training with the big back to back long runs, running took up my entire weekend.  I used to think training for marathons took a lot of time, but now I have really learned what time consuming is.  Not only does it take a long time to run 30 miles, but when you are running really tough courses (and driving to the trails), it takes even longer!  My longest run I was running for over 7 hours and out there for almost 8, and add a commute to that – it was like a full day at the office!  I have loved {almost} every second of it though and am so glad I decided to do it.  I have definitely learned how to be efficient and prioritize, and chores are saved for rest days.
What’s the most surprising thing you’ve learned about yourself during training?
I learned that I am stronger than I thought I was.  I was constantly amazed at how well my body adapted to training and how well it recovered.  With the right steps and precautions, the body is pretty amazing and can do some crazy things!
What do you think about during your long runs?
I always say the best long runs are the ones when I have no idea what I was thinking about and just get lost in the running zone.
Best piece of advice for someone who’s thinking about doing an ultra, but is on the fence.
Be ready to really commit a lot of time to running, but also be ready for the adventure of a lifetime!
Go Aron!
Interested in running an ultra? Check out Runner’s World’s “Ultimate Ultramarathon Guide”

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