If It Ain’t Broke..


April 10, 2012 by Danielle

Don’t fix it.

Apparently this old adage rings true for running shoes.

I have been running in the same brand of running shoes since I first started running in 6th grade-

Back in 5th grade I was rocking the 'fro and the KSwisses, but in 6th grade I got everything under control and made the switch to Asics

After 14 years of running in the same 2100 series Asics, I got a little antsy and was looking for a change. I decided to branch out a teeny bit and tried the Asics Gel Cumulus – they made my knees hurt from over cushioning.

Then, I took a HUGE jump and decided to switch from my old standby brand Asics to Brooks-this is earth shattering for a staunch Asics fan.

In the middle-right where I should be.

They worked pretty well, but after a few months of running in them, I still felt like something was missing-I just couldn’t put my finger on it.

Fast forward to last Saturday. Ny friend Liz and I went for a run on to shake out her legs before her half marathon the next day and on the run she told me about how she had recently switched over to the Asics 2170s and how much she loved them.

I wish I had those shoes...and that kind of karate kick

I immediately felt a pang of guilt, jealousy and longing. There was a hole in my heart and I knew what I had to do to fix it-

Back in my babies.

I immediately went and purchased the 2170s (thanks for letting me be a twin Liz!) and took my beloveds for a run on Sunday and loved every second of it.  Now I know that I should have never strayed from my tried and true shoes and according to the pros, I made the right decision; according to Cool Running “When you find a model of running shoe that really seems to work for you, stick with it. There’s absolutely no reason to change brands.” And change I won’t-Asics you’re the one for me.

And let’s hope my tried and true distance can take me the extra mile…because I got a little crazy last night and registered for this…


See you at the starting line (in my Asics of course!)


6 thoughts on “If It Ain’t Broke..

  1. So awesome! I may be signing up for the 5k/Progressive marathon so I will be there rooting for ya.

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