Taking A Break & A Sunday Funday


May 7, 2012 by Danielle

Why hello there!

You may or may not have noticed that I took a little blogging break–and surprisingly the world did not  end. 🙂 Work got busy…then work went Vegas (that’s twice in six months), so I decided to take a blogging break and live a little. Our work trip was VERY fun (we got to know everyone just a little bit better, if you know what I mean) and it was great not having to worry about documenting every moment-even the one that involved this guy, who spoke to our group…

Bill! Yes,, he’s even better looking in person.

In the midst of enjoying our office festivities, I was even able to fit  in a training run at the beautiful Aria gym during our work trip-I’m pretty stoked that I’ve been able to follow my  Google training calendar to a T up until this point.

Wish I could run at the Aria every day!

Keeping with my blogging break, I didn’t go out of my way to photograph my every move this weekend, but I captured a few moments from Sunday (Funday). Since the weather was gorgeous on Saturday and Sunday,  my friends and I spent the day indulging in a few adult beverages and playing Jenga..with a fitness twist of course.


And it all falls down.

The loser (which mostly ended up being me), had to do push ups or wall sits as punishment.

The face of real winner (?)


Good form, good fashion. All in a day’s work.

It ended up being quite entertaining, especially since Maddie and I were in summer dresses.

After our fitness fun, we were somehow inspired to finger paint…

It was great to take a break from blogging, but I’m glad to be back! Here’s to the busy week ahead!


5 thoughts on “Taking A Break & A Sunday Funday

  1. Alyx says:

    This is my favorite post ever.

  2. That other guy says:

    I enjoyed the handsomeness of the bearded gentleman.

  3. runwithmeg says:

    Jenga is one my favorite games, combine that with some drinks and it is the best game ever. A bar at my college had a GIANT jenga game.

    • Danielle says:

      OMG! My friend and I were talking about how awesome it would be to play with the mega Jenga-I have to find one! If you’re ever in SF you’re welcome to come play 🙂

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