Getting Really Ripped at Crunch Fitness

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May 10, 2012 by Danielle

A few weeks ago, I received an invitation from Crunch Fitness to try out one of their newest fitness classes at any one of their eight Bay Area locations. Even though there are over 37 Crunch locations across the country and my mom used to tell me epic stories about her drill sergeant (no really, she was a drill sergeant) turned Crunch personal trainer, I had yet to set foot inside one of their gyms, so I was excited to try out a class. I chose to do the TRX Really Ripped class because we all know how much I love TRX.

Even though I had never visited a Crunch before, many of my friends and coworkers are members, so I know a few things from word of mouth. First off, these gyms aren’t your run of the mill fitness centers. That’s because Crunch was founded with the mission to make  working out fun by fusing fitness and entertainment.
Their mission became evident the moment I sent foot inside of their Polk Street location-

Get ready for a (sweat) show (source)

Probably the most beautiful gym ceiling I’ve ever seen.

If you couldn’t tell by the marquee out front and the beautiful domed ceiling, this gym was a movie theater in its former life. The bottom floor features a main workout space for group classes with a surrounding for free weights and weight machines.

The balcony houses the cardio machines, and the elevation gives you a perfect view of the movie screen. As if watching movies on a large screen isn’t enough to get you through a cardio session, the gym also has high energy jams pumping to keep you motivated and having fun.

After touring the facilities, I met on the class court to get a quick introduction to the TRX Rip Trainer from our lovely instructors, Nick and Michelle.  Michelle gave me a quick primer on how to use the contraption and informed me that the TRX Rip Trainer is unique because it can deliver hundreds of sport-specific exercises and offers a total body workout by utilizing the lever bar and resistance cord for variable resistance training.

The workout was in a circuit format and consisted of several rotation, core stability, control, power, balance and coordination moves. Since the TRX Rip Trainer was originally developed to meet the needs of combat sports athletes and physical therapists, many of the moves focus on improving muscular imbalances and functional movement.

That’s my co-worker Andrea on the left who was nice enough to serve as a TRX model 🙂

My favorite move by far was the hockey shuffle and slap shot, where we pretended to run towards a goal and take hockey slap shots. Working against the resistance of the cord made me feel really powerful and taking slapshots was a great stress reliever oblique workout.

The class was so high action, my camera just couldn’t comprehend it all.

If you ever find yourself at a Crunch-check out TRX Really Ripped-I found muscles I never knew I had, which were definitely yelling at me the next day.


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