A Weekend of Running


May 21, 2012 by Danielle

First off, 16 miles with San Francisco Running Club.

Renee invited me to take a test run with the group a few weeks ago and this Saturday I finally took her up on the offer (and we got to meet IRL for the first time!). This week’s long run meet at Ocean Beach and it was gorgeous. So gorgeous that I didn’t bring my camera. Of course. So here’s someone else’s photo of the view from mile 15-

Anyway, I was a little concerned about running sans iPod and with a group of strangers, but after spending 3 miles catching up to my pace group, I was put at ease. The group run provided a change of pace (literally) and I also got to meet fun and interesting people-including a nurse practioner and an assistant high school principal-which made the run (almost) fly by. I actually went into total dork/sappy mode and told these new running mates (who are probably now afraid of me) that “This is so much better than running alone!”, to which one of the runners responded “Awww. That’s…sweet.”, probably because she thought I had no friends. Oh well!

After my run, man friend and I took our friend Ken to pick up his Bay to Breakers race packet where we saw this guy-

Yep! That’s Meb Keflezighi, a.k.a the top U.S. Olympic Marathon qualifier. He can basically run a marathon in just a bit more time than it takes me to run a half marathon-we all felt speedier just being within feet of him. Ken even got him to sign his t-shirt that has a bunch of other Olympic runners’ autographs on it

All smiles.

and then promptly jumped into my man-friends arms out of excitement 🙂

Everyone gets excited when they meet Meb.

Which brings us to Sunday (I know, I’m a pro at the segue).

It was a cross training day and also uncannily warm, so I took my workout outside to do some stairs. It was so pretty out, I took a video to share with you. There were parrots chirping in the background (Yes! There are wild parrots in San Francisco!) and a narration of the landmarks in the scene (you can see Alcatraz in the distance, followed by the Bay Bridge, then downtown and finally Coit Tower)…but I forgot that my headphones were plugged in so you won’t get to hear my voice. Oopsy daisy.

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!


2 thoughts on “A Weekend of Running

  1. Alyx says:

    Um, when I was there, I saw one parrot, singular, so I still don’t believe you when you say there’s a whole community of them living there.

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