What Do You Do?


May 30, 2012 by Danielle

 Karen at Run, Shop, Travel listed a schedule of her day, which made me realize that I have never written about what I do in real life.   So, I’m going to do a similar (non-fitness related post-gasp!) to answer the question, “So, Dani. What the heck do you do in real life?”

Calling reporters and writing pitches, that’s what I do best! (No that’s not my desk-it’s a Facebook desk)

As much as I’d like to workout and blog about food all day long, I work at public relations agency in real life. I know that explains nothing about what I do-my mom still asks me to clarify my job responsibilities after a year and a half at said agency and most of my friends think that I just go to fancy parties all the time ( a girl can dream) so I’ll let a picture speak for me-

All memes and kidding aside, my life at a public relations agency consists of the following-

  • Reading and More Reading. This job responsibility straddles between being fun and stressful. While I love to read and keep my clients up to date on the latest news circulating in their respective industries, it’s difficult to keep up with today’s 24/7 news cycle. You’ve never seen the Google Alerts feature put to its full use until you’ve talked to a pr professional.
  • Writing. My job requires using the written word to coerce convince reporters to write about my clients’ upcoming product launch, event etc.

Editing machine.

  • ‘Rithmetic. Okay, I was just going for the trifecta. Math only occurs on a weekly bais and is not a main component of my day to day job.
  • Lots of checklists. Managing responsibilities on four client accounts requires constant to-do lists. I feel like I’m accomplishing amazing things when I cross an item off my list.

  • Events-In order to get the word out about new products and announcements, some clients host events…that we have to plan down to a T. Attention to detail doesn’t even begin to describe public relations events. We put together entire documents containing up to the minute run of show and reporter details. 

Despite never ending deadlines and extreme attention to detail, there are advantages to working in public relations -like meeting Tyler Florence

(and buying peaches for him-which was probably the scariest moment of my life)

And ironing out all of the logistics for the World’s Longest Picnic Table-

and inviting my friends to be part of this World Record breaking event

Caroline and Maddie help break a World Record.

As well as always having a fully stocked supply of LUNA bars at my desk (I have to try my client’s products right?)

Well if this isn’t a perk…I don’t know what is.

So there you have it, a brief look at my j-o-b.


3 thoughts on “What Do You Do?

  1. Karen says:

    Thanks for linking to my blog 🙂

    Your job sounds really interesting! I have some friends that work in PR!

  2. […] Working in the “real world” has forced me to experiment with quick and easy recipes that provide me with delicious (and healthy) meals for days. The last thing I want to do after a long day is put together a meal. Apparently this is working in the real world. […]

  3. […] b) They’re one of my lovely clients and always hold super fun events (that sometimes involve wineries). […]

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