Hips Don’t Lie


July 13, 2012 by Danielle

My coworker Laurel is 3 weeks away from running the San Francisco Marathon, which will be her first 26.2 race (yay Laurel!). As we were walking home yesterday, we were discussing our training and she mentioned that her hip muscles had been bothering her, so I stopped in the middle of sidewalk to show her a few of my favorite hip flexor stretches-I’ll do anything in the name of a good stretch.

That's hip.

An inner view (source).

Anyway, so you might be wondering what a hip flexor is and what it has to do with running. Hip flexors are a series of muscles that help to lift your leg up, so they’re obviously pretty important in that whole running thing.

After a hard running session, your hip flexors deserve a good stretch so here are a few of my favorites.

Hip Flexor Stretch

Happy hips! (source)

Warrior I (one of my favorites!)

Want to learn more about your psoas and ways to get it nice and relaxed? Check out this article from Running Times and this article from Yoga Journal

Foam Roller Psoas Stretch (it’s like a mini back massage too-great after a long work day)

Anyone have a favorite hip stretch? Share below!

Also, it’s Friday the 13th! Anyone out there superstitious?!


One thought on “Hips Don’t Lie

  1. and just like that i got the shakira song stuck in my head. ha!

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