Getting My DailyBurn


August 7, 2012 by Danielle

Before I get to my post, let me gush a little (like all 5000 other blogs you’ve read this week)….
There have been a fair amount of magical Olympics moments, but the men’s 10,000 meters definitely takes the cake in my book. There were tears, there was screaming and so many smiles…and that was just me. Wait till you see the finishers.

If you didn’t catch it, watch the full race below (fingers crossed it works!). For background, Rupp (US) and Farah (Great Britain) are training partners. Farah left Great Britain to escape the scrutiny of the British tabloids and train in Oregon.

Now on to regularly scheduled programming.


Towards the end of my marathon training, I got REALLY bored with running and started to miss cross training (gasp!). To shake things up, I wanted to find a way to incorporate weight training back into my marathon training (I know bad me), so I decided to try out Daily Burn.

Since the demise of ExerciseTV in December, I had been using GaiamTV as my online exercise video provider of choice, I but I realized I was using the site for Jillian Michaels DVDs…that I already had. While reading an Entrepreneur article about my beloved FitBit, I came across DailyBurn, an online exercise video website, and decided to check it out. What makes DailyBurn’s content unique is that the videos are lead by real trainers (my favorite trainer so far is Cody Storey) and each video is produced specifically for the website.

Cody’s my homeboy.

At sign-up, you complete a short survey to determine your needs and each day, the site suggests a different workout based on your answers. As you complete each video, you can fulfill specific challenges and gain points to progress through levels of expertise. You can even follow friends that are DailyBurn members and track their progress.

Even though I love points and tracking, I love a good workout even more and that’s what you get with DailyBurn. Each workout requires very little equipment (they suggest having a physio ball, a medicine ball, dumbbells, a mat and  hand weights), is well led and offers variations on each exercise. Yesterday I did Tactical Cardio and was covered in sweat by the end.

Daily Burning.

I can’t say enough about how much I love DailyBurn so far, but I can say that I’m in love.

DailyBurn costs $10 per month (win!). For more information check out

All opinions expressed in this review are my own and I received no compensation for this review.


2 thoughts on “Getting My DailyBurn

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