It’s In the Bag!

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August 30, 2012 by Danielle


I’d rather blog than study (whoops!), but I’ll compromise and do both.

I usually go to the gym during my lunch break at least once a week, so I thought it would be fun to share some of my gym bag staples.

The logical place to start would be my gym bag, the Lululemon Triumphant Tote.

I’ve wrecked quite a few gym bags in my day, but so far this bag is a complete winner. It has so many pockets (I lose things in there) and slots for everything, including two slots for my beloved iPhone. It even fits my 15 inch laptop, so it’s perfect for going from the gym to work and back again.

Next up-shoes ‘n such.

I used to be an exclusively Asics girl, but I finally got a professional fitting and settled on the Nike Structure 14. These babies fit like a dream and carried me through my first sub four marathon, so I’m sold. I haven’t totally abandoned my Asics ways though, because they’re the only socks I’ll run in. Other than my socks and shoes, I always carry a headband with me because I can’t stand my hair touching my ears (weird? yes.)

Then there’s my face. Most of you know that I’m pretty quick in the locker room, so I depend on a few tried and true products that keep me from looking like a weirdo when I head back to the office:

  • Yes To Carrots’s cucumber towelettes-A.k.a mini spa in a bag. The towelettes are 98.7 percent natural and biodegradable. Better yet, they remove all of my make up before the gym and all of the sweat after. Sometimes I even use them when I’m too lazy to wash my face before I go to bed.
  • Kate Spade Twirl body lotion-It’s a moisturizer and perfume in one. So useful when you’re headed back to the office in a rush. (yes, I use deodorant…it’s in the white and black dop kit at the bottom, but I didn’t think that merited it’s own entry)

So there you have it, my gym bag essentials!

Which items do you have to have in your gym bag?


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