You’re Doing It All Wrong


September 13, 2012 by Danielle

Good morning!

I had to take a few days away from the blog to make sure I checked a few items off my life list-

1.     Take the GRE

I won’t go into details, but it’s done! And didn’t go as horribly as I thought it would 🙂

2.      Get running again.

Okay, I didn’t exactly start running again, but I did get one step closer.

As I mentioned before I took my minor hiatus, I haven’t been running very much. I visited the orthopedist and he recommended I visit the physical therapist two times per week to get rid of some muscle tightness, which is probably causing my hip pain. Well, I had my first session yesterday and it was awesome! My physical therapist Ashley is really fun to work with. Hopefully she’ll let me take pictures of everything we do at some point-I didn’t want to weird her out on day one.

This is probably how my physical therapist would feel if I started taking blog photos on day one.  (esource)

Anyway, my first meeting consisted of a bunch of strength and flexibility tests and after jumping on and over aerobics steps, running on the treadmill and up the stairs and doing squats (both single and double legged ones), Ashley laid it on me.

Here’s what she said-

  1. My hips and knees are not as strong as she thought they’d be considering my running history.

What?! I thought I was superwoman! Soon to be super girl? I’ll settle for that.

  1. I’m standing incorrectly, which is putting too much pressure on my joints and my weak little muscles, which is why my hips and knees hurt.

Well, this one caught me off guard, since I thought standing was a pretty basic activity that I had mastered over the last 26 years. Apparently, I lean to my right side and have a tucked spine, so I’m doing a double whammy on my knees and hips (so that’s why they hurt!)

Bad standing stance! (L) vs. Good standing stance! (R) (source)

 For your viewing pleasure, this is how I stand…


Let’s ignore the fact that I’m wearing all grey and my butt is nonexistent. Regardless, this is not how you’re supposed to stand.


And this is how I’m supposed to stand.


Standing like a champ.

It’s obviously very small change (I’m not even sure if it’s noticeable) but apparently, it’ll make my hip and knee feel like new. 

Despite the fact that I’m a weakling who can’t stand correctly, I did get some exciting news… I’ll be able to run CIM! If I keep up with physical therapy and practice standing, I’ll be able to at least run CIM. Of course I’m a little bummed that I most likely won’t PR, but at least I’ll be on the course with my friend Liz as she kicks some rear and qualifies for Boston. I’ll have my day 🙂

Have a great Thursday-remember to stand correctly today! 😉


4 thoughts on “You’re Doing It All Wrong

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