Fired Up Friday


September 14, 2012 by Danielle

If there’s one thing that gets me fired up during a workout…it’s music and here are a few songs that I cannot stop listening to at the moment (aside from “Call Me Maybe”, which will NEVER get old)-

Sooo some people are really into “As Long As You Love Me” by Justin Bieber…but this song is better. Trust me.

Yes, I have the fever. I’m definitely not ashamed.

Next up-Miss T. Swift. Yes, I might have some issues with her questionable dating history, but her songs are just too darn catchy not to love.

This next song is by the band Breathe Carolina. Of course they get bonus songs for having my homestate in their band name, but this is just an awesome song to rock out to.

This song carried me through the last miles of the San Francisco Marathon and is a great pump up song-

And just to really drive home the fact that I have the music taste of a 15 year old girl…

Hope at least one of these songs gets you pumped up for the fact that it’s Friday!

What songs are you rocking out to?


One thought on “Fired Up Friday

  1. missmarisol says:

    While at the Color Run in SF, they were playing music at the end and everyone was jumping & singing. Me included. Then I realized I was singing along to One Direction. In public. Cringe… hahaha

    I am really enjoying the XX’s new album. It just came out this week and it’s pretty great. I also use Songza a lot (despite paying for Spotify) and listen to a lof of music from back my high school & college years.

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