How Will You Move?

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October 5, 2012 by Danielle

When we last convened (can you convene on a blog? I don’t know, but let’s go with it), I had outlined some of the far-reaching problems that inactivity causes as highlighted in the Designed To Move study. Now that we know the problem, let’s take a look at some of the report’s proposed solutions and a few of the benefits of physical exercise.

Just as inactivity comes with detrimental effects, physical activity benefits society in a variety of ways. Children who get active early and often have a decreased risk for obesity, improved muscular skeletal health. To boot, being a part of a team also helps children hone their social skills and learn valuable skills (like being a good sport!). Plus, physical activity seems to be the gift that keeps on giving throughout a person’s life-

DESIGNED TO MOVE, ©Nike, Inc. (2012) DESIGNED TO MOVE: A Physical Activity Action Agenda.™

So now that we know the benefits of exercise, the report goes into how we can actually put the pedal to the medal and implement programs to get the world moving. The report offers two asks for all members of the community:

1) Create early positive experiences for children

2) Integrate physical activity into everyday life.

This part of the study offers a very specific ideas to help the community fulfill each “ask”. To help children get active early, the report recommends a variety of ideas including finding ways to provide universal access to all children and making sure young girls, children with disabilities and minorities are encouraged to be physically active. The plan also offers ideas on how communities can adjust infrastructure to incorporate movement into daily life including building building alternative transportation lanes (e.g. bike, skateboard) and providing open spaces for kids (of all ages) to play.

DESIGNED TO MOVE, ©Nike, Inc. (2012) DESIGNED TO MOVE: A Physical Activity Action Agenda.™

So now that you have the basic idea of the goals of “Designed to Move” the big question is-How will you move?

If you want to help get the world moving again and make the future a healthier one, check out the designed to move website and spread the word via Twitter and Facebook.

Happy Friday everyone! Move it Move it!


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